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1 hour walk for your VIP

Individual Dog Walks

Individual Dog Walks are suited to dogs who prefer to be in their own company for whatever reason.


I can offer a 1 hour walk for your VIP (very important pup) with no other doggy friends present. Your VIP will be collected by me from your home and taken in my bespoke van, where they will have their individual crate and clean bedding inside.


The walks are normally within nearby woodland areas, or parks, and sometimes the beach. If your dog is not comfortable in the company of other dogs, I will ensure we only go to quieter spaces to allow them the type of space they need to relax and enjoy their exercise. During our walks, I can also help support any areas of behaviour that you may be working on.


When our walk is finished your VIP is towel dried and muddy paws cleaned. Fresh water is provided, together with a healthy treat.


Your VIP is then returned home, ready for a well-earned sleep.


1 individual walk per week


3 individual walks per week


5 individual walks per week

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