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Training and Techniques for you and your VIP

Individual Puppy And Dog Training

PUPPY TRAINING (12months or younger)


For owners of young puppies, I can offer you general obedience training to help you and your VIP (very important pup) to get off to the best possible start. This would begin with an initial meet and greet consultation and then working through my ‘perfect puppy programme’


For puppies who are a little older (6 – 12months) and are developing their own traits and behaviours, you may wish more specific support and therefore we can focus our sessions on these. Common themes which clients request support at this developmental stage are: socialisation; lead pulling, recall, boisterous behaviour, and dirty protests!




For dogs aged 1 year and over, regular requests for support tend to be for: socialisation; boisterous behaviour; separation anxiety; recall and aggression. To help you with these, I would offer an initial meet and greet consultation to introduce myself to you and your VIP (very important pup) and hear about the issues which you are experiencing.


Following this information gathering visit, I will suggest a plan best suited to address the issues. I will work with you and your VIP to tackle these tricky behaviours but need assurance that you will be committed to work on the training suggested between our sessions, this is key to success.


At the outset, if I feel that the issue is beyond my remit, I will be honest and advise you of this and suggest alternatives.


Whilst classes are undoubtedly the most cost-effective way to learn how to train your VIP, the one-to-one sessions are tailored to you and your VIP’s individual needs and can be accommodated at a time and place to suit.


In addition to our sessions, you will receive guidance materials to support you and your VIP which is specific to their age, stage and development.


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Individual Training Session

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