The Fast and the Furriest Dundee is delighted to introduce….  Natalie Petrie


Earlier this month, I received a lovely email out of the blue from a young student looking for an opportunity to volunteer with me in order to gain some experience working with dogs.    Now I’ll be honest, my first reaction was of caution, particularly given there were items appearing in the press and social media about people stealing dogs, and I wondered if this might be a tactic   However, after contact with (and I’ll admit now, a bit of sussing out in the background!) I am delighted to share that I now have a regular mentee with me one afternoon each week.   


Let’s hear from Natalie…..


Tell us about you: 

Well, my name is Natalie, I am 23 and originally from across the Tay in Fife. I am currently studying at the University of Dundee doing a degree in Urban Planning and Geography and also work part-time at Morrisons. Over lockdown, I have been lucky enough to adopt a rescue dog from Romania, Suzie. Taking care of Suzie has only solidified my love for dogs and made me realise a career with dogs might just be for me. 


What has led you to give up your time to shadow The Fast and the Furriest each week?

I have thought long and hard about what I would like to do in the future and thought it about time to get some hands-on experience with different breeds of dogs in all different shapes, sizes and colours and after looking up various dog walkers in the area I noticed that the Fast and the Furriest would be the perfect place to do it judging by all the pictures on Facebook.


What attracted you to connect with The Fast and the Furriest over similar businesses?

The Fast and the Furriest caught my eye first of all due to the great design of the Facebook page and website. Pauls captions to the posts on the page are very personable and funny which made me think it would be a great company to work with as well as the variation of dogs. 


How did you hear about the Fast and the Furriest?

Through my own research of dog walking/training companies in the local area. 


What have you enjoyed about your experience with The Fast and the Furriest to date?

From the first response, I received back from the Fast and the Furriest I knew that Paul was a lovely guy with a genuine passion for his business which totally shines through. For me, a dog business has to be founded on total love and passion for dogs which this one clearly was and I am enjoying learning more as we go. 


What other opportunities do you hope to gain from this experience?

I hope to gain much more time walking and handling the dogs, hoping to get involved in some training sessions (including puppy ones which I can’t wait for) and learning more about the way the business is run. 


Would you recommend The Fast and the Furriest to dog owners, and/or others who may be interested in shadowing as they consider a canine career?

I would absolutely recommend the Fast and the Furriest to dog owners as I know first-hand how responsible Paul is with the dogs as well as how much they are properly cared for. As for others who may be considering a career with dogs, Paul is a friendly and down to earth mentor, and I am really looking forward to more of our weekly walks! 




Disclaimer from The Fast and the Furriest:   I do feel the need to share at this point, that this does not change the maximum number of dogs in my charge whilst Natalie is joins me, in line with Dundee City Council guidance, 6 is still my maximum number at any given time. I am present on all walks and therefore there is no change to insurance or liabilities.   I felt it key that my VIP owners were reassured of this.

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